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Yes, I did it! But now I miss one day of my life! (fortunately I got paid for this day)
Rick behind Italia Prima Bar
Italia Prima Cruise Ship
Italia Prima World Tour Winter 95/96
Many Names,                              One History
1948: Stockholm
1960: Völkerfreundschaft
1985: Volker
1989: Surriento
1993: Italia I
1994: Italia Prima
1999: Valtur Prima
2002: Caribe?

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Büro Metro for more than 50 years the adress:
Astor Cruise Ship
Fedor Dostojewskij: (now Astor)
Midnight Sun & Pepper Vodka

Rick on Fedor Dostojewskij
On my first ship:  '94

Aida Vita Cruise Ship
Summer 2003: On Aida Vita. I couldn't say no...
Costa Playa Cruise Ship
Costa Playa: Cuba Libre & Tequila

Costa Riviera Cruise Ship
Costa Riviera: Cognac, Brandy & Portwine